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Roger Feldman

Roger Feldman’s individual art pieces in the exhibit are called “passages” and “pivots”.  From the accompanying literature, Feldman talks about his “passages” piece…

“Passages is a series of four drawings in charcoal on used teabags that were opened up and adhered to Baltic (Russian) birch.  It is a response to the conception of pathways or passages within the four major world religions using the colors associated with each:  Buddhism (red orange) Christianity (white), Hinduism (yellow), and Islam (green).  All the drawings utilize a series of wall-like structures that create paths and passages thus implying journeys with direction determined by obstacles and open spaces.  Although the subject is the same the vantage points are different.  All four drawings imply community yet it is individuals moving these passages who must make sense of what they encounter.  Some systems are very controlled yet rhythmic; others are more open allowing greater choice.  All have internal assumptions.  This series is about observations more than it is about hierarchy.” (Charis 100 page catalog)

Feldman has taught art at Seattle Pacific University since 2000.  He has worked with a variety of universities and corporations (Microsoft and Boeing being a few) and has received the Prescott Award for Sculpture from CIVA (2005).  One of his drawings, “Current” was included in “The Next Generation,” exhibition at MOBIA, in New York City.

For more information about Roger Feldman, visit his website,


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